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E-manual, Anti-Corruption

Be proactive and see our latest E-manual, “How to Manage a Corruption Crisis”, designed to support companies entering complex markets.

Download the E-manual, How to Manage a Corruption Crisis

The E-manual has been developed as part of Make Trade’s aid for trade work to promote business to take the lead on ethical behavior. The project draws on experience and expertise from Zambia, South Africa and Sweden to develop and implement a Business Code of Conduct on Ethics together with Zambia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ZACCI. The Swedish Foreign Ministry and Swedish International Aid Agency have supported the project financially.

If you have any questions on Make Trade’s projects on anti-corruption in developing countries please contact


Market reports, fact sheets and useful guides on exporting and importing to the Nordic Market

This section makes market reports and shorter fact sheets available to both Swedish companies and international companies, with
some reports targeted to companies from developing countries and emerging markets.