Moving Floor Gotland AB to receive 2020 IWEC Award

Moving Floor Gotland AB are the Swedish 2020 awardees at the International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge, IWEC. The conference is held virtually, Nov. 9th-10th, gathering some of the world’s most successful women-owned businesses. Peg Söderberg and Katja Lindvall, the two sisters and owners behind the Swedish company Moving Floor Gotland AB, will receive the 2020 IWEC Foundation Award, during the organization’s 13th annual conference held virtually this year due to the global pandemic. The conference, titled “Connecting Women Businesses Globally:  Sustainability in the Next Decade” has a strong focus on technology, business sustainability during crisis times, business exit strategies and more.   IWEC has during the last twelve years grown to become a powerful global network for women-owned businesses, including 384 awardees from around the world whose combined revenue exceeds US$35 billion per year and employ over 268,516 people worldwide.  

– We are thrilled to nominate Moving Floor Gotland AB from Sweden, says Charlotte Kalin, the CEO of Make Trade that is the partner of IWEC in Sweden. Moving Floor is a fantastic Swedish agribusiness technology company offering innovative products with a potential to transform the agribusiness industry globally to become more sustainable.

– Our mission is, says Peg who is the CEO of Moving Floor, to fundamentally improve global animal protein production by increasing yield and reducing CO2 emissions and the use of antibiotics. We want to disrupt the animal hus­bandry industry by bringing a completely automatic and digital cleaning solution to farm buildings, allowing for a more sustainable and circular system. With our technology, the farms reduce CO2 emissions with up to 19%. 

– Our products also tackle antibiotic resistance, one of the greatest future challenges to human health, says co-owner and sister Katja Lindvall.  The overuse of antibiotics is to a large extent tied to animal farming, and antibiotic resistance is predicted by the World Bank to take 10 million human lives per year from 2030. 

IWEC is a New York-based international economic empowerment organization exclusively for women business owners who want to scale up their businesses internationally.It was founded in 2007 with the assistance of the U.S. Department of State in collaboration with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC), FICCI/FLO Chamber in New Delhi.  IWEC’s mission is to develop a global business network for successful women entrepreneurs, helping them gain and expand access to international markets by presenting a platform to exchange knowledge, experience and connections, and to promote dialogue among entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the world. The conference 2020 will be awarding 35 new women owned businesses from Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas.