A word with Florence Isiko, Ugandan exporter

Florence Isiko, on the far left was one out of two Ugandan companies represented in the Spicy Kitchen delegation

Florence Isiko, leader in the AWAN Uganda chapter and one of the participants in Spicy Kitchen, shared with CTS and with the AWAN network on what they need to do for the future to access the EU market as well as other markets.

Florence, what did you experience during your visit in Norway and Sweden?

  • It was a big experience! We got to know what the market is like and to meet with the buyers and understand what they want and how they think

How do you see Ugandan and East African women being competitive towards the EU and Scandinavian markets going forward?

  • We need to deliver on both quality and quantity. The markets are importing in mass – you have to be creative on how to achieve the quantity. I realized that they are lobbying for new products and unique products and that we, everyone is doing the same thing – mango, mango, mango- are all doing the same. We need to be creative with new products

What would you share with your network on moving forward?

  • It is up to you, to us, to convince/ sell to the buyers. And certifications are crucial!

Lastly, did you gain any business while visiting Sweden and Norway?

  • Yes, still pending but in dialogue and negotiations.

Thank you!

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