Ambassadors on Chamber Academy Mining tour

In early September CTS hosted a Chamber Academy Mining tour visiting the mining industry of Bergslagen, Sweden. Diplomatic representatives from Eastern Europe, Central America and Africa joined in the tour. The focus of the tour was to showcase Swedish knowledge in sustainable mining throughout the whole value chain. Stefan Sädbom, senior geologist at Bergskraft Bergslagen, and Malin Dacke at CTS, were responsible for the program. Stefan is a key expert on both the Swedish mining industry and environmental challenges. We started out with a visit to Atlas Copco’s company Secoroc in Fagersta. Secoroc produces drills and tools for rock excavation and mining in one of the world’s most automated manufacturing facilities. We visited Orica (old Nitro Nobel) outside Gyttorp, one of the first factories started by Alfred Nobel. Today the company is part of the Australian business group Orica and the production in Gyttorp is focused on explosive emulsion made with a unique method to ensure safe production and transportation.  The tour was finalized by visiting Lundin Mining’s Zinkgruvan which today produces zink, copper and lead. It was unique indeed to visit this 150 year old mine where the same ore has been explored since 1857. The company initially started with Belgian ownership and knowledge, an early act of globalization.

A key topic throughout the visit was the environmental impact of the mining industry and the challenges of sustainable growth, something that the Swedish mining industry has put high priority on. The tour gave unique insights in the whole mining chain, and the strive within the industry for high standards on safety and environment, high tech and automation.

For more information on upcoming Chamber Academy programs for diplomats please contact Malin Dacke.