CTS-APINDO partnership launched

Sustainability, SMEs and Benchmarking were on the agenda as CTS and APINDO launched the 2013 partnership in Indonesia.

The start was with a seminar and workshop at Indonesia Fashion Week in Jakarta gathering more than 80 companies and organisations amongst them the Swedish Ambassador Ms. Ewa Polano and the chairman of Apindo Mr. Sofian Wanandi. The seminar and workshop was implemented in cooperation with the Swedish Sustainable Fashion Academy. With a content focusing on sustainability and how this can co-exist with style and industry development, important for the growing Indonesian industry as well as for the Swedish companies that want to trade and work with Indonesia. The workshop groups landed in the following vision for Indonesia 2030

  • In 2030, building on its rich natural base and cultural heritage Indonesia will be the center of new fashion trends. Due to its cultural richness Indonesia inspires a broad variety of styles and lifestyle expressions throughout the world.
  • Fashion items will be made from sustainable Indonesian materials, design and technical know-how.
  • The Indonesian fashion consumer demands sustainability and are well educated and deeply aware of the environment.

Following-up with a benchmarking workshop including APINDO representatives from 8 regions and representatives of the Indonesia Fashion Association (APPMI) the focus was on developing better services for members entail. Both organisations landed in a couple of new services that will be presented in the separate regions.

APINDO and CTS are now preparing for this year’s intensive activities including training for SME´s (focus on export, sustainability and reaching new markets), business matchmaking and benchmarking for better business going forwards.

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