CTS proud of AACCSA’s Mentorship program

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, AACCSA, successfully closed their first-round Mentorship program by hosting an evaluation workshop and a reception. 11 mentor couples graduated and received their certificates, handed out by Ato Yayehyirad Abate, Deputy Secretary General. CTS is very proud for being the initiating and implementing partner. Malin Dacke has been responsible for managing the project from CTS and Christina Stenberg, Leadership Adventures, have shared her vast experience in leadership and mentoring with the group.

The mentors and mentees alike, shared their testimonies, that impressed all of us.

The AACCSA management admitted being surprised about how well the concept of mentoring worked. In the initial discussions one year ago they argued that they did not fully believe Ethiopian business men and women to be open to take advices from fellow business men/women, to contribute pro bono to somebody else’s personal and professional development; to share their business challenges and ideas or even to put time into meetings like the ones in the mentor program.

AACCSA management shared these doubts when congratulating the mentors and mentees to their success and to their personal development and shared with us that AACCSA has decided to bring in mentorship as a permanent service to members. The AACCSA mentor team (staffed by a team of four, headed by Emebet Tesfaye, manager of the Business Support Department) has grown and developed tremendously as have the mentees. The mentors were also very satisfied in participating in the program. I have great believe in AACCSA’s capacity to continue running the program and in due time to roll it out within the country/to other association if they wish. They do have the knowledge and the confidence in doing so, says CTS Programme Manager Malin Dacke.

The AACCSA management also shared that this Mentorship program is of great advantage when it comes to getting to know their members and that those active in the Mentorship program also took part in the General Assembly and other meetings and trainings arranged by AACCSA.

Several of the mentors and mentees have become good friends during this challenging year and also claimed they are looking into doing business together, as partners. Remembering that they did not know each other one year ago, and that there initially was a general doubt about how to share facts about my business and take advice, this is a major success. One of the mentees, Mr. Fekadu Hundessa, shared that he went to the General Assembly together with his mentor, Dr. Aynalem Abayneh Mamo and that the mentor got elected to the board of directors.

AACCSA started the second-round Mentorship program the following day. CTS wishes AACCSA great success in this new service that they offer to their members. We feel very confident that the team will be successful in guiding the participants through the program.

Read more about AACCSA’s Mentorship program and its launch in November 2015 on the CTS web, and on about the launch, and graduation on AACCSA’s web.

For pictures from the workshops, please have a look in the gallery.