Importhandboken – Handbook for importing to Sweden

The Swedish Chambers developed this handbook on importing to Sweden.

We thank Patrik Rindstål on Advokatfirman Lindahl, Henrik Rosén and Mats Enberg at Swedbank and Per Anders Lorentzon at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden who have participated in developing the handbook. We also thank the Foreign Ministry who co-funded this guide.

The guide is written in Swedish since the target group is Swedish speaking companies.

Import is an important part of Sweden’s open and competitive economy and free trade. It helps consumers get a more diversified choice at competitive prices. Import is a prerequisite for Sweden’s exports of high value-added products that are dependent on suppliers from around the world. Imports account for about 30 percent of the value of Swedish exports. Many companies start their international operations by importing from abroad. Import gives great opportunities for business development and is especially important for small businesses and entrepreneurs with foreign backgrounds. Mutual economic integration plays an increasingly important role for the developing countries. By opening markets to imports of products produced in developing countries their ability to develop increase.

To import however, is connected to several rules, regulations and procedures that apply to your business. Therefore we have collected relevant information in this handbook which guides you through the most important steps when importing to Sweden.

Open a pdf of Importhandboken here that you can download and print or read the handbook online.

For more information, please contact Malin Dacke at Chamber Trade Sweden.