International award to Swedish entrepreneurs

IWEC 2016 international entrepreneurship award to Hälsingestintan and Löwengrip Care&Color.

Three successful Swedish business women are among the 42 IWEC awardees from 21 countries. IWEC, International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge, is an international nonprofit organization, promoting women in international business.

Britt-Marie Stegs changed the industry of meat production through her company Hälsingestintan, by introducing ethical meat production, and providing quality meat from farms with good animal husbandry to households all over the country.  She has recently launched an innovative “mobile slaughtery” concept which has rendered great interest from both European and African countries, and traceability technology allowing consumers to know exactly what farm and which farmer their steak comes from. See more on

Isabella Löwengrip och Pingis Hadenius, Löwengrip Care&Color, are the entrepreneurship partners which are exporting Nordic beauty and women empowerment to the world through their skincare and beauty products. Isabella (Blondinbella) och Pingis are role models for a generation of women in Sweden which follow them on social media. See more on

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Previous IWEC awardees from Sweden are Maud Spencer (Svalson), Pernilla Stålhane (Pallmax), Ida Backlund (Rapunzel), Signhild Arngård Hansen (Svenska Lantchips), Karin Bodin (Polarbröd), Emy Blixt (Swedish Hasbeens) and Karin Söderlind (House of Dagmar).

We need more Swedish women expanding their businesses internationally, says Charlotte Kalin, CEO of Chamber Trade Sweden, which is the base for IWEC in Sweden.

IWEC is a powerful network and mentorship program for international business women where the awardees include computer software, manufacturing, agricultural business, waste management, engineering, health services, skin care, travel, shipping and freight forwarding, education and many other enterprises. The firms led by these women and past IWEC awardees account for over US$25 billion dollars in combined revenue, with over 125,000 employees worldwide. During the conference, they will engage other business women, chambers and past awardees for trade, networking and business opportunities.

This year’s conference is held in Brussels on November 7-9th, and hosted by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce. Successful women entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East Australia and North and South America are gathered to celebrate the Ninth Annual International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Conference (IWEC). Every year, IWEC recognizes the breakthroughs, achievements and thought leadership of women business owners from across the globe.

This year they will present awards to 42 successful women entrepreneurs from 21 countries. The awardees come from The Netherlands, Peru, Spain, South Africa, the United States, India, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Canada, Colombia, Nigeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Sweden and Belgium.

IWEC’s mission is to develop a global business network for successful women business owners, helping them gain and expand access to international markets by presenting a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience, connectivity and to promote dialogue among women entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the world.

Congratulations to this years IWEC awardees Britt-Marie Stegs, Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius!

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