IWEC 2015 successfully hosted by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

The annual world conference of IWEC, International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge, was successfully hosted by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in November. The Istanbul Chamber did a fantastic job in taking the baton from Chamber Trade Sweden, that hosted IWEC 2014 in Stockholm. It was indeed a great victory for IWEC to be held in Istanbul this year, outbraving the terrorist attacks earlier in the fall. 19 awardees from 14 countries and 10 past awardees joined this year’s conference. The Belgian Chamber of Commerce will be hosting IWEC in 2016 in Brussels. The Swedish awardees chose to postpone their participation to 2016. Chamber Trade is especially proud of our partner country Zimbabwe which participated with two awardees in Istanbul and Serbia which participated with one awardee. Congratulations Istanbul!

Read more about IWEC on www.iwecawards.com and on the webpage for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, http://www.iwec2015istanbul.com/IWEC2015AwardsConference.aspx