New report: Greentech – the Swedish experience and expertise

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Chamber Trade Sweden (CTS) has made available a comprehensive report on Sweden’s Greentech experience and expertise. The report is written in English for the international audience, especially the public and private sector organisations in developing countries that are keen on overcoming their environmental and energy challenges.

The report provides and insight into how Sweden has continued to expand its economy without compromising on environmental issues and has in fact managed to minimise and often eradicate any negative impact of industrial and socio-economic growth. Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been declining in Sweden for many years due to higher use of green technologies.  These range from the production of green renewable fuels for the transport sector, power generation from wind, efficient production of solar power, waste management and waste-to-energy, and water and wastewater treatment.

“This report aims at disseminating information and knowledge about the successful Swedish experience, and how other countries could benefit from using Swedish knowledge and expertise. We work with a number of developing countries that are eager to use environment-friendly technologies for cleaner industrial and energy production. This is an effort to make them aware of what Sweden and Swedish companies have to offer”, says Charlotte Kalin, CEO of Chamber Trade Sweden. CTS wants to serve as the gateway to Swedish greentech and will continue to assist developing countries in acquiring the knowledge, capacity and the technologies they need for sustainable socio-economic growth. It will also play the role of a conduit between Swedish greentech companies and their prospective partners in new markets.

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For more information please Contact Yawar Mian at Chamber Trade Sweden.