Nina Magazine for Iraqi women everywhere with stories of hope from the heart of Iraq

Chamber Trade Sweden is proud to be supporting Nina Magazine – Iraq. Despite almost insurmountable obstacles, the second edition of Nina-Iraq Magazine is out. Thousands of hard copies of Nina, Issue 2, have just come from the printers in Karbala, Iraq, into our hands and hearts.

For and by Iraqi women everywhere, is the bilingual women’s empowerment magazine and platform for women entrepreneurs and businesses in Iraq and in the diaspora. Distributed to cities and regions in Iraq, from Basra to Kurdistan and beyond, it is this local identity linked to international relevance and distribution that makes Nina unique. A team of women (and men) have made Nina happen – with contributions coming from a network spanning Iraq, the UK, the US, Sweden, Jordan and Dubai. That is Team

Nina creates hope for tomorrow by connecting the stories of today. In themed ‘Environment for Growth’ issue, 14 year old Mariam shares her vision for the future: “I believe that as women of Iraq, we have the power and knowledge to support the development of Iraq in many different ways.”

This issue also features international fashion guru Hana Sadeq as well as exploring pollution and green technology business opportunities throughout Iraq. Political, business and educational insights are provided by visionary leaders, including contributions by Iraq’s first female Goodwill Ambassador, and Nokan’s CEO Parwen Babaker and MP Maysoon Damaluji. International contributions include a powerful piece by Self Employed Women’s Association CEO, Reema Nanavati.

Says Hawraa Abbas from Karbala: “Nina is full of colour and life. Its vibrancy reflects the Iraqi spirit and opportunity, despite all adversity. The joys of Iraq, not just greys and black. I handled the print and distribution process and it was challenging, but seeing the magazine in the hands of others has made it so worthwhile.”

Vice Editor in chief Sana Bekki, from Mosul and latterly Jordan shares: “It has always been a passion of mine to contribute to the rebuilding of my country’s prosperity. I am honoured to be part of Nina – a platform to raise the voices of Iraqi women. It is a spark that shines our sky to illuminate the path for a better future that is rapidly becoming the Ambassador of our beloved women.”

Mona Marei from Baghdad: “By focusing on creative and leading Iraqi women, it is a tool to spread the knowledge worldwide of how our women are well educated, talented and intellectual.”

Nina Magazine focuses on economic empowerment opportunities by building a relevant web of content and support, showcasing authentic voices through interviews and co-created stories in both English and Arabic. It is not for profit and funded by distribution and advertising revenues.

Nina Magazine is published by Iraqi NGO the Private Sector Development Centre (PSDC), with support from Chamber Trade Sweden (CTS).

You can see Nina 2 for free at ; Arabic

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