Partners for business – CTS and APINDO Indonesia

Starting as an exchange of ideas and contacts in 2009 the partnership between APINDO and Chamber Trade Sweden has developed into encompassing a multiple agenda still with focus on business development.

2013 has been a year packed with activities always focused on taking the next step in building capacity, contacts and competence for the two partners as well as their respective member companies. The programme has been focused on companies within the textile, fashion and interior sectors in Sweden and Indonesia.

Coming to an end of the part of the partnership financed by Sida we would like to share some of our achievements:

  • New business going on between Indonesia and Sweden
  • Competitive SME companies have increased productivity and revenue as well as included CSR in their business strategy
  • Sustainability is a part of industrial development in the fashion industry of Indonesia
  • Anti-corruption is a strategic goal and a part of APINDO´s national meetings and trainings
  • New member services have been developed by APINDO and CTS


Contacts –Increased business between Indonesia and Scandinavia
A delegation consisting of 8 Scandinavian companies spent some intensive days in Indonesia looking for business contacts in October.  Aided by APINDO and CTS business meetings were set up and realized. Out of the 8 companies that visited Indonesia ALL met potential business partners and ALL will continue to do business with their new Indonesian counterparts.

Information about the Indonesian market has been provided through two market seminars held in Sweden as well as the production of market information about the Indonesian market for fashion, garment, interior decorating and other lifestyle products.

Focus SME´s
A special focus has been put on the development and capacity building of SME companies within textiles, fashion and interior. A comprehensive training programme has been carried out in West Java, East Java and Central Java targeting more than 80 companies in total. Already after the first module the participants had made changes to their businesses and after three modules they have the tools and are equipped to take on the next step in their business – whether to the international market or locally.

The SME´s have also been put in focus for two strategic workshops where APINDO representatives from all regions have been included. The strategic workshops have resulted in new services being developed by APINDO and a 5-year plan on how to include, promote and develop SME companies has been brought forward.

To further enhance contact possibilities for SME´s all the participants in the trainings will be assisted to put their profiles and products in to a database for SME´s. The database that was originally built with funding from the Norwegian partner NHO has been translated into English making it possible for international buyers and companies to find the SME´s directly. Three Swedish companies are already dealing directly with Indonesian SME´s buying products.

International competitiveness – sustainability and anticorruption
International competiveness within the textile, fashion and interior sectors means that companies need to include CSR and sustainability in their business strategy. The respective associations need to support their members in this work. Therefore APINDO and CTS has partnered with APPMI/IFW to spread information and knowledge.  A vision for the Indonesian Fashion Industry has been brought forward and is being operationalized and implemented by linking up with the academia and the government.

In 2025, building on its rich natural base and cultural heritage, Indonesia will be the center of new fashion trends that inspire a broad variety of styles and lifestyle expression throughout the world. Fashion items will be made from sustainable Indonesian materials, design and technical know-how and the Indonesian fashion consumer will be well educated, deeply aware of the environment and demand sustainability.

The vision is being implemented under the headline – FASHION LOVES EARTH- and was very much a part of Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. The first of many concrete steps is to reduce the use of plastic bags and make use of recycled materials and environmentally friendly materials in the production of Indonesian fashion.

Working against corruption is becoming an imperative not only in Indonesia but all over the world. APINDOs SME chairpersons representing the 33 provinces of Indonesia have therefore created a plan of action and agreed to move forward against corruption. The action plan entails awareness, information and empowering SME companies to say no to corruption.

The fight against corruption will continue and be a focus at APINDOs national meeting in 2014 and has spread and become a part of several divisions and regional strategies.

Interested in more? Our final report will be made available on the Chamber Trade Sweden website as well as our market information and market access tips!