Spencer and Stålhane- the first Swedish business women to win an IWEC

Maud Spencer, CEO of  Svalson, and Pernilla Stålhane, CEO of Pallmax, were the first Swedish business women to become part of the IWEC mentorship program.

IWEC, International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge, was founded by a team of chambers of commerce around the world to inspire women to grow their international businesses. The mission of IWEC is to develop a global business network for successful women business owners, helping them gain and expand internationally.

The firms led by this year’s winners represent a turnover of more than four billion dollars with over 17.300 employees contributing to jobs and growth all over the world.

Both Pernilla and Maud made immediate use of their new IWEC network for their businesses with potential deals with several awardees from Manhattan (New York) to Mongolia.

Maud Spencer‘s company, Svalsonis located in the North of Sweden. Svalsonmanufacture and supply over 5,000 sliding windows a year to Europe, Australia, Japan, USA and Canada. Learn more about Maud

Pernilla Stålhane’s company Pallmax is located outside Stockholm, Sweden. The company is in the automotive business and sells high quality starter automotive batteries to the world, where Africa is an important market. Learn more about Pernilla

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– Chamber Trade Sweden contact – Charlotte Kalin, charlotte.kalin@chambertrade.se