The Swedish Food Market – Updated guide with new opportunities to access the Swedish market

The Nordic Foods market is quite sofisticated and challenging to enter. t’s always important to find out as much as you can about a specific market before you pitch your Products. Which chains operate on the market, what are their market shares, and not the least and how can my products meet customer demands? One of the most important things when trying to get into a new market is to be prepared. That means you’ve done your market research, you know what channels are used in the market for imports, wholesalers, foodservice, food industry, or whatever channel to choose to go through, and that you have an idea of where your products fit in.

The updated guide on FOOD published here serves to answer some of these questions and give more information for exporters interested in the Swedish market for food stuffs. The guide gives a comprehensive insight into the Swedish market for food stuffs. The content is based on statistics, interviews with experts and experience from working with international trade.

In the guide you will find out about the characteristics of the market, the actors, and the distribution channels. You will be able to get updated information on accessing and entering the Swedish market as well as useful links to more details.

The guide can be found here

If you are interested in information about a different sector more guides can be found here

The guide has been updated by Helena Hafgren and edited by Sofie Wikander as a part of the Chamber Academy programme of CTS. The programme has enabled exporters to get into the Swedish market and increase regional trade through capacity building – such as access to market information and guides like this one – contacts and increased competence.

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