Women are not a part of the agenda – women are the agenda!

The women leaders and role-models that take part in the CTS WEE network have made changes in their organisations to have women economic empowerment as part of the agenda. CTS are extremely proud of being the host for this network of change-makers and therefore we would like to share on some of the results achieved by our partners.

These are a few examples of the direct results coming out of the conference and network:

  • The “Women´s Power Seminar” being held by the Botswana Chamber of Commerce focusing on being a networking platform for women entrepreneurs.
  • In Addis the Women Entrepreneurs Association has conducted trainings and started networks and have therefore attracted more members and have encouraged more women to start their own business and create employment.
  • The Cape Chamber in South Africa now has a clear strategy for WEE. They are implementing a year-long programme focusing on WEE issues rather than ad-hoc events
  • In Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe mentorship programmes focusing on women entrepreneurs have been launched.
  • AWAN in Kenya are advocating for the implementation of 2/3 Gender rule to be implemented also in the Kenyan private sector.
  • The Chamber in Zimbabwe have launched a women’s desk within the chamber to be able to have an increased and better focus on WEE.
  • In Rwanda the Rwanda Womens Chamber are facilitating experienced business women  being connected to women who are starting businesses for mentorship, sharing of experience and inspiration.
  • Women’s Action for Development in Namibia has partnered with “World Encounter” to provide business women with microloans. These loans are given to a group of 10 women at a minimal fee and they repay it as a group.
  • The Faili Kurd Organisation in cooperation with the chamber in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq have set up advocacy for women members in the organisation and have a medical committee doctor see women every Wednesday to present medical services for them.
  • The East African Women in Business Platform is recognized by the East African Community (EAC) as the voice of women in business in the East African Region.

Overall the sentiment is that the work of changing the minds of the leaders is important and continues- many organisations describe WEE as becoming a specific part of the organisation or activities rather than being integrated into the operations. But also that the leaders are starting to understand the force that is women and the results that they will have on the development not only of the organisations but of the economy!

The WEE network is open to all our partners and at the moment there are about 50 members representing 35 different organisations coming from Africa, Asia and Europe.

If you want to know more about what we do and what the network is doing please contact sofie.wikander@chambertrade.se or charlotte.kalin@chambertrade.se